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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. ┐What is the Text Link Exchange?
  2. ┐What does the Exchange System Text Links?
  3. ┐How many visits give the Exchange System Text-Links?
  4. ┐How exactly does the Exchange System Links?
  5. ┐Does the Banner can Customize?
  6. ┐Can I participate in the system without compromising the Banner?
  7. ┐Adult Content?
  8. ┐Is Link referrals? Get 20% of the credits webmasters referrals for life.

┐What is the Text Link Exchange?

The difference between the program Text Link Exchange of Text links and common exchange, is that the first consists of a Banner without graphic elements or very few, consisting of text links. The Webmaster becomes part of potential advertisers of this Banner, and the page will appear gradually inscribed on every page of the members of the Exchange System. Not a single in the traditional exchange. That is not the only difference, visits to your Web site will multiply much more than common sharing ,thanks to our system of retransmission increase visits and furthermore, the system is completely free. The Internet user has tired of that bomb with moving parts, slow to load, windows and misleading pop-ups among other things. Intercambiodelinks.net bet for a fast, simple, attractive and functional. Consider a couple of examples:

Example 1:
Example 2:

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┐What does the Exchange System Text Links?

The webmaster must 1. Sign up for free and 2. Generate HTML code to copy on their website. Each time you visualize the text IntercambiodeLinks.net Banner, the webmaster will earn credits for your ad to appear on banners of other Webmasters enrolled in the system for the exchange of views so that you win visits and PageRanking. In addition to this, you appear in our system retransmission: RSS feed in our section Full List regardless of credit you have and without conditions. Home FAQs

┐How many visits give the Exchange System Text-Links?

The views you get with the Exchange System will be quality visits, that decides clicking your ad will voluntarily, and make it because you are interested in what you offer him. Every time your website showing the Banner of text, you earn credits for your ad to appear in Banners text from other websites. The more links show more credits you win. Each Link equals one credit. Each Credit to see your ad on another website. Exchange System 1 to 1 if an announcement samples. If ten samples is 10 to 1. The system allows up to 15 to 1. In addition to our statistics you can see at any time how many credits, Exhibitions and Clicks has gotten our System. Home FAQs

┐How exactly does the Exchange System Links?

Take a practical example: your ad appears on banners while other websites which have more credits Exhibitions. So if you choose to display the banner IntercambiodeLinks.net with 10 links and win 5 visits to your Website, your banner will be shown 10 link X 5 visits = 50 Credits. These loans allow you to appear 50 times in 50 other listing Websites. 50 possible visits. Therefore IntercambiodeLinks.net is a High Performance System.Home FAQs

┐Does the Banner can Customize?

The Banner is 100% customizable number of links, size, banners horizontal, vertical banners, background color, background ... Fully integrated with your Web site. Home FAQs

┐Can I participate in the system without compromising the Banner?

Of course. You can choose to participate only with the link text and your user code, an address like this: http://www.intercambiodelinks.com/en/index.asp?referer=63. For each visit send you win 20 credits, 20 exposures or possible visits to your website. This program is compatible with the Banner program. Home FAQs

┐Adult Content?

The Exchange System allows you to choose between display ads with adult content, or for all audiences. Home FAQs

Is Link referrals? Get 20% of the credits webmasters referrals for life.

Earn 20% credits webmasters referrals for life. When you register you'll get an address for referring users to your affiliates, which will provide 20 credits per click, much like this:


In addition to earning 20 credits for visiting these addresses will be set up in the machinery of the visitor a cookie that will expire within 20 years, which will enable the system to recognize that referred visitor, but close your browser, long after visiting the website . Once you register at IntercambiodeLinks.net, will be a referral for life and monthly win 20% of the credits it has generated. There is no limit to this gain, or the number of referrals that can be. Home FAQs

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